Monday, February 22, 2010

support students

Biased reporting doesn't help anyone.

From scoop

Jacqualene Poutu, Tumuaki of Te Mana Akonga ( the national Māori tertiary students association) is disappointed with
"A sample of three students were interviewed on TVNZ’s Close up programme last Tuesday evening regarding their use of student loan money for investments, instead of using it to survive with."
she rightly says
“The living costs component of student loans may be used as’ play money’ for wealthier students, but unfortunately that is not the reality for the rest of us,”
“The stereotype of the ‘spoilt student’ is few and far between for Māori students. Access to ‘living costs’ are absolutely necessary for many Māori students. Research shows that Māori and Pasifika students are more likely to borrow from the student loan scheme in order to access tertiary education and bridge themselves and whanau out of poverty,”
It is a massive challenge for anyone to got to university and undertake futher skill or vocational training. If we make it too hard by reducing student allowances the students at the bottom with little money will suffer and perhaps drop out. Many maori and pasifika students are represented within that group.

media reporting that is slanted is never good, close up has got worse and worse but people still watch it and i hope they offer more balanced views in the future. I am getting really fed up with the beneficary bashing and the youth bashing from this government. Picking on the most vulnerable is not on.

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