Wednesday, February 10, 2010

they will mine no matter who says no

key tells the truth and it makes me sick!

from stuff
"Revelations that more conservation land will be mined, whatever the outcome of public consultation, have drawn vehement opposition from environmental groups, who say conservation land is about to be destroyed.
The Government is planning to consult the public over opening up more land for mining, but Prime Minister John Key signalled to Parliament yesterday that there would be significant changes to which areas are protected."
That's right - it has already been decided
"It is expected that the Government will seek consultation this month on removing land in Coromandel and the Mt Aspiring, Kahurangi, Fiordland and Paparoa national parks from Schedule 4."
What are YOU going to do - let it happen?
"In his speech, Mr Key said a conservation fund would be established through royalties from mining revenue, but Dr Norman pointed out that the plan was illogical. "We have to destroy the environment in order to protect it.""
It is not just illogical it is BIG BROTHER ORWELLIAN DOUBLESPEAK

Look we knew this year they would do it because key and brownlee have both said that NZ is 'open for business'. I say NO. I say we are not open for the destruction of our land and ecosystems. I say now is the time to fight, sign petitions, organise protests, harass (in a totally legal way :)) the scum who would sell us out. Now is the time. I'll keep you informed of anything you can do.

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Ruahines said...

Kia ora Marty,
Too right! And the lies and propoganda put out by National and supposed unbiased media like the Herald is just shameful . We need to get the eyes of the world cast upon this travesty.
I am heading into the square in Palmerston North in a few minutes where a free concert to bring awareness to the injustice done to the Manawatu river. A river I have drunk from its source less than a few hours away, yet by the time it passes by house here I wouldn't even swim in it. Now they want to bring the same wanton disregard to our last bastions of wilderness and freedom. Shameful!