Friday, February 5, 2010

apology from me

I made a mistake by accusing others of something, that in fact I was doing myself. I apologise to all readers and especially to those who justly feel hurt and offended.

I have not deleted my intemperate comment because i want to remind myself of what not to do - my shame will stand.

I will be mindful of being too quick to bash the keyboard in that way again.

I am very sorry.

1 comment:

Evelyn Cook said...

He tangata māhaki koe. I taku whakaaro, ka piki ake tou mana.

I admire you for your humility which has only increased the esteem in which I hold you.

Don't keep flagellating yourself, e hoa. In the heat of the moment we all say things (or write them) that we afterwards regret.

Lets keep on debating the issues in the hope that we all emerge at the other end as more enlightened and united whanaunga.

Ko te kai o te rangatira, he kōrero