Saturday, February 13, 2010

just STFU

What can I say about this - apart from - maybe pita has lost the plot. The maori party are behaving like bunnies and it is embarrasing. And not only that - it is destructive for maori and our aspirations. How about just shutting up for a while before we lose all hope. What a disgrace.
"The Maori Party has made it clear it won't sacrifice its coalition with National over a rise in GST.
Co-leader Pita Sharples reportedly said yesterday a rise in GST was not a deal breaker and the Maori Party's relationship with National could survive a difference of opinion over the issue.
His comments followed a suggestion by Prime Minister John Key that he did not want to "blow up the Government" over GST, which National wants to raise to 15 per cent.
Mr Key suggested yesterday the Maori Party's opposition was one of the potential "trip wires" ahead of the Government before it made a final decision on GST – sparking speculation that the Government was getting cold feet over the potential backlash to its proposal.
Maybe you have got used to the baubles of office. I'm disgusted by this - it's poor politics and a bloody disgrace for all of maori who will be driven to desperation by increases to GST. Where has your mana gone pita - how can you even look at yourself?

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Anonymous said...

I agree entirely. Very bad politics and another disappointing flip flop. The MP has given the red light for the money grap for the rich.