Sunday, February 28, 2010

will the media bite

I have blogged before about my opposition to the sea turbines suggested for Kaipara harbour - it is not the way to go and is likely to have severe impacts upon the snapper fishery.

Hone has waded into the debate.

From NZH
"The outspoken Maori Party MP told members of the Kaipara Harbour community in Dargaville they should drop chains and anchors into the harbour to protest against a planned sea-turbine power project.
And he suggested illegal action was sometimes necessary to get the message across, citing the case of a man who fired shots from a rifle at a fishing ship.
"My view is that they [the community] have got to send very clear signals about their opposition to the proposed turbine," Harawira said.
"If people are not listened to then they should take the action they want to. If they do, it's their business not mine.
Now the fact that Hone, as a member of parliment, is suggesting that illegal action is sometimes necessary, doesn't really bother me but it is a problem. And that is because we are about to have another media show -that is where everyone is up in arms around hone and whether he should have said it or not. It provides a distraction for fake outrage that focuses attention away from other issues - like mining our national parks for instance or raising gst. It gives the gnats some breathing space.

Hone is one of our leaders with charisma, courage and mana and we need them.

Sometimes less is more.

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