Friday, February 19, 2010

DOC in it for the money

Well the department of conservvation has completely lost the plot - it's not about conservation anymore, or protecting the flora and fauna - it's about making money.

From stuff
"Director-general Al Morrison said attracting more businesses to work on the conservation estate was a priority for DOC this year."
It needed to work pragmatically and be a more efficient business, while in the past it had been driven by "high principles".
Yes you have forgotten your principles DOC you have forgotten why you are there.
"A new "commercial business unit" was being set up, to be headed by a person recruited from the private sector who would implement changes that Mr Morrison said would make some people "nervous".
Mr Morrison said establishing the new commercial unit was also a response to the possibility of more energy-generation projects on the conservation estate – which covers more than eight million hectares."
So the truth revealled a bit more. The department of conservation isn't opposed to (mining) energy generation our national parks because they want to make commercial gain from that. Morrison you are a gutless weakling.
"It's now fashionable to be seen as green. If we're not leveraging off that, we are dumb."
That shows why you are an absolute shocker morrison - you don't actually care - you are just being fashionable - I say again you are a gutless weakling that just cares about your own income and being 'fashionably' green. Well get this mate - some of us are green because we believe.

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