Saturday, February 20, 2010

wake up call for all marae

This story is a good wake up call for all marae.

Five people are sick after coming across 3 canisters, one of which was punctured and leaking unknown chemicals. The canister's had been stored in a secure shipping container, on Murihuku Marae.

Be a good time to check that there aren't any more unknown chemicals on any other marae.

The people who were exposed and got sick were doing community service and so the ODT decides to call them offenders - which i find offensive.

From the ODT
"Two offenders were taken to Southland Hospital by car and three others by ambulance after they began vomiting.
As a precautionary measure, Invercargill fire crews were sent to the Tramway Rd marae and found twelve more people on community service who had been exposed to the toxic material.
Murihiku runanga general manager Odele Stehlin said the marae was immediately evacuated, including those attending a Southland Community Law Centre seminar and children from the neighbouring kohanga reo."
They were able to return at 4pm and the five people taken to hospital have all been released now.
Phew - these events have the potential to be so much worse, thank goodness no one was seriously hurt.

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