Monday, February 8, 2010

4 dimensions and attacking our own

Sometimes I find it hard to get my head around something.

Dimensions more than 3 is one example and Ngai Tahu whanui attacking other Ngai Tahu whanui is another. In fact both of those scenarios are actually very similar because they contain hidden elements.

One day we will realise that with 43,000 or so members of the iwi - we should be protecting and nurturing our own - not trying to cut their heads off. That doesn't mean it's always touchy feely lovey dovey - we can disagree, we can have opposite views and we can believe that someone is incompetent - but do we really want to smash their heads in in public? Apparently some do - and that is very sad.


Anonymous said...


Well said Marty! It is one thing to disagree or to have a view that person A or B is not the best man or woman for the job, it is quite another to set out to damage the career or reputation of someone based on nothing more than an opinion which is itself based on rumour and innuendo.

It is interesting to see the blogs feeding off each other - some regurgitating things others have said and some just regirgitating their own stuff.

Marty Mars said...

the right wingers have a tight little group that work together to ensure max exposure of their views and blogs in the blogosphere - they are smart but their ideology is the opposite of mine

Anonymous said...

Some have to regirgitate..

Many comments have been rehashed as nothing has changed.

Correction - words of truth are not rumour or innuendo.

They also are not opinion, pure fact. Then again nothing really needs to be said about certain individuals.
As actions and years of public display say it all.