Friday, January 29, 2010

Luminate Festival

I'm off to Luminate Festival today. If you are up there come and say kia ora, I'll be on the information desk at various times.

And what is Luminate
"Returning for it's third year, Luminate is a place to re-energise on the dancefloor, participate in workshops, be inspired about living sustainably, receive a massage, join in drumming around the fire, relax with a warm chai, watch an enlightening movie, be in harmony with nature, and celebrate a sense of conscious community. 28th January - 2nd February 2010."
Canaan Downs at the top of Pikikirunga (Takaka Hill) is a magical area with lots of native trees and plenty of room. It is going to be FUN.


Charlotte said...

and it was fun! Old trees, blue sky, new music, cool breeze, and some impressive composting toilets :-)

brett said...
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