Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Te Oneroa a Tohe - nice new/old name

This is a good example where there is no logical reason to keep the old name.
"The Crown had signed an agreement in principle with Te Hiku Forum, which represented five Far North iwi with a total of 40,000 members, to settle a number of claims lodged over the part 23 years.
Along with Maori co-governance of 90 Mile Beach, the Crown had agreed to pay $120 million and transfer the ownership of Aupouri forest and seven Crown-owned farms.
Co-governance of the beach could provide for a possible name change for the area, known as Te Oneroa a Tohe.
The origin of the beach's current name was unknown, but the beach was actually 88 kilometres long."
Surely no one would object - the name 90 mile beach is meaningless at best. The local maori name Te Oneroa a Tohe has been there for hundreds of years.

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