Monday, January 4, 2010

how to improve the quality of our 'race debate'

Well i think we are in for a big year this year. In many areas we will be tested, and race relations is going to be right up there. We have heard and read various debates around the issue in this country last year and often the debates descended into arguments about semantics rather than the real issues. The real issues were derailed.

Ever heard or read someone say things like...

"We just did to the maori what they did to the moriori."
"Maori kept slaves too."
"You are getting too emotional."
"Why not deal with the real maori problems."
"You're just oversensitive."

I have come across this article on 'derailing'. Funny and perceptive, I highly recommend it.

We are going to have to raise the quality of the race debate in this country or we will forever be battling these derailing tactics. Keep your ears pealed - these derailing tactics are everywhere.

Hat tip - stuff white people do

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