Friday, January 8, 2010

kfc racist ad pulled

The aussies in hot water again. Like many in this country they don't get that this type of stereotyping is offensive and just plain racist. kfc have pulled the ad - pity they never made it.

Just coincidence that the fried chicken stereotype was used, a deliberate strategy, or ignorance and stupidity?


Cactus Kate said...

Having lived in the Caribbean I can tell you that it is jerk chicken (usually with beans and rice) favoured by the locals there, not KFC.

The stereotype is that Southern States African Americans like fried chicken.

West Indians are NOT African Americans and indeed it is stereotyping and racist itself to link the two like this. Indeed plenty of the West Indian cricketers are in fact Indian ie. Guyanese.

Another typical over-reaction from the PC police intent on ruining an ad that was actually meant to promote friendliness between supporters.

Marty Mars said...

Do you think changing the cricket team supporters to say, indian, english, south african etc would have made the ad more or less effective in 'promoting friendliness'? The inference of the fried chicken stereotype is central to the ad, isn't it?

SteveA said...

This fiasco has highlighted a very significant problem of ignorance.
It is amazing that in this day and age a group could be so culturally insensitive.

The group I am referring to is of course the American people who think this is about them and specifically African American people.

This is not about you - it is about a cricket supporter from one team (Australia)being caught in the middle of a group of supporters from another team (West Indies). Australia and the West Indies are about to play each other in an upcoming series.

You might have noticed they wear different coloured clothes. They are sporting fans. And indeed it has nothing to do with race (unless you are looking desperately for something to take offence to) - it is about a supporter from one team being caught amongst a group from the 'opposition' and making friends with a food offering.

What commentators in the US must realise is that many things coming from your country could be considered offensive to us. We however are culturally aware enough to understand that societies are different and you cannot always interpret things as you would do on a local basis. We understand the differences between the US and us. Please do the same in return.

Ana said...

Australia has been a racist back water since 1774