Thursday, January 7, 2010

size does matter

Greenpeace Sea Shepherd is fighting hard to protect the whales from the japanese and after this episode they were lucky they just lost the boat and not people. From stuff
"The impact of the collision sheared off the front of the $1 million Ady Gill - the former Earthrace high-tech speedboat which resembles a stealth bomber.
Despite such colossal damage to the vessel, Auckland cameraman Simeon Houtman was the only crewman injured. He has broken ribs."

now is that the wee boat ramming the big boat? I don't think so! The japanese steered into the wee boat and if you are unsure, check out the hosing of the crew after they have rammed it, shows intention very well.

Disgusting scum attempted murderers!

Footnote BB at roarprawn has a number of exclusive videos on her site - all from the whalers point of view, which she supports. Obviously i 100% disagree with her.

hat tip for video roarprawn


Anonymous said...

it is sea shepherd, not greenpeace.

Marty Mars said...

Thanks anon