Wednesday, February 9, 2011

your hand's on fire

I don't like Winston Peters and his party but I do admit he is a savey political player. Chipping away at public awareness - a quote here, a quote there. That seems to me a good plan to get back into parliment. He has many supporters out there and they believe in him and what he says.

Waatea News
Mr Peters says his fellow Ngapuhi has woken up to how little Maori had got in exchange for his party's support for a John Key government, “The UN declaration has not helped one Maori in this country. The home insulation programme has been trialed in two places, Ngapuhi and Ngati Porou, which happen to be the two warmest places where Maori live. Whanau Ora is $20m over four years ... this is really a failed programme when you look at the financials of it and I don’t think the majority of Maori people are going to be fooled by this,” he says.
They are sharp lines and he finishes with subtle humour
Mr Peters says Hone Harawira shouldn't sit by the phone waiting for a call to join New Zealand First.

There is no doubt the key and the gnats are afraid of peters - hell I am too. goff has said he will get into bed with anyone - it could be peters. I cannot conceive of Hone and peters working together - that is just not a goer.

We will see what happens this week with the maori party disciplinary hearing for Hone but the more I mull it over the more I believe being independant may be the best way for Hone to go.

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