Tuesday, February 8, 2011

the belly is ripped

The reason given by sharples for why Hone has been suspended by the maori party is strange. he says the maori party wanted to start the new parlimentary year off with everyone in agreement and "... Tuesday's sitting is the beginning of the parliamentary year and the party wanted to make sure the speeches given in the general debate are those of the caucus, and not what Mr Harawira "might like to dream up"." So this is a decision made to keep Hone quiet, to keep a pleasant face, to not make waves. And somehow this decision has nothing to do with the upcoming disciplinary hearing - yeah right. After years of dealing with Hone and "dreading the day" when he was supposed to suspend him, sharples now expects us to believe it is just coincidence that the day after waitangi day and 3 days before the hearing, somehow the straw that breaks the camel's back lands. Sorry pita that is bullshit. The instructions were given and then carried out - simple really. And pita should realise that Hone isn't dreaming his concerns up - you are delusional pita.

As for Hone - the time has come. Do not let this foolish bunch dictate the game but also do not leave - let them expell you and then when you come back they will be revealled in their true form. Stand strong and continue to represent the people. These events will rip the belly of the maori party and people will need support. Focus on the issues that are affecting the people - that is the kaupapa and important. Keep the angerpot simmering but don't boil it too hard. Smile at them often.

sharples and turia have already lost - they just don't know it yet.

I have just listened to maori party president bird say that they are following the advice of chen and they are correct. One of the recommendations is to fix the problem quickly - whose kaupapa is that? Who says that things have to be sorted quickly - why? Why not take some time so that views can be sought and people can have their say?

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