Thursday, February 24, 2011


These are dark days for Christchurch/Otautahi - the shock is beginning to wear off and the losses are becoming obvious - people have died, people are gone and there are still people fighting for life within the rubble, hoping for rescue - arohanui to all.

It is difficult being far away, thinking of the familar streets walked down, and the buildings paused by. I want to drive down to help, I want to do something but small circles my feet make and there is little I can do. So many waiting to hear who has gone and waiting to recognise a name, a friend, a workmate a person with family and loved ones, a person with hopes and dreams and a life history, a whakapapa.

To all people of Christchurch/Otautahi especially my kin of Ngai Tahu whanui, my thoughts and heart are with you all.

Update - Good Ngai Tahu communication and information on this facebook page

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