Sunday, February 13, 2011

lines being drawn

We are beginning to hear and see more examples of maori asserting their mana and kaitiakitanga within their rohe. We saw it here and also here.

Tangata whenua have stated that they don't want filming of the the hobbit on Mt Ngauruhoe.
... five weeks out from the scheduled start of filming for The Hobbit prequel, local Maori are set to put their foot down and refuse permission for the Oscar-winning director to use the central North Island mountains again. The iwi considered them sacred.
It's a pity they don't provide more context around the last sentence. I don't imagine it will adjust the views of the filmmakers but it would help the public understand, perhaps. Of course the filmakers just move to another mountain - I wonder what tangata whenua will say when they come to their ancestors.

Interesting to note that
Peter Jackson's production company has been allowed to divert water from a Waikato stream to create the lush green pastures of Middle Earth - in the middle of a hot New Zealand summer.  Environment Waikato, the regional council, has granted consent for 3foot7 Ltd to take up to 890cu m of water a day from a lake and stream in the Hinuera Valley, near Matamata. It will be used to irrigate 4ha of land planted on the Hobbiton set - the home from which Bilbo Baggins will set out on his quest in The Hobbit. This will give a rich green appearance to Hobbiton, reminiscent of Tolkien's beloved English countryside.
We really are bending over backwards to help them make money, aren't we.

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