Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Anake moves on

Te Runanga o Ngāi Tahu Chief Executive Officer Anake Goodall has quit his role to pursue other interests. Anake came in at a difficult time for the iwi and has worked for just about 4 years to help bring the Office together. There have been decisions made that I didn't agree with and although my personal dealings with Anake were a little  mixed - I do believe he has made a positive difference for the iwi and I thank him for his mahi and wish him all the best.

The Press - Stuff
Te Runanga o Tribe chairman Mark Solomon said he was reluctant to accept Goodall's resignation as he had ''completed an enormous body of work ... over the past four years''. 'Anake has accomplished the major outcomes that he set out to achieve when he took on the role of CEO, that of consolidating the iwi organisation and delivering dynamic outcomes for the benefit of tribal members. ''He will be difficult to replace.''
Te Runanga o Tribe - classic LOL
Goodall said he was leaving with a great sense of achievement. ''My job was to unify the Te Runanga Group and build the infrastructure that would enable Te Runanga, as our leadership, to have high expectations of the tribal organisation,'' he said. ''It was also my role to embed Ngai Tahu values, voices and faces across the wider portfolio of our work. After four years, I am confident that the foundations I intended to build, have been built.''
I would have liked a more positive strategy for employing iwi members and a better approach to farewelling iwi members that have contributed via their mahi. There are existing Ngāi Tahu in senior roles within the office at the moment but i cannot say that I can see any of them able to step up to the role. That could be an outdated view because I contracted to the Office at the same time as Anake came in and left a year or so after that. But one thing is for sure the role MUST be filled by a member of Ngāi Tahu whanui - there can be no compromises on that.

Footnote - There is a list of Anake's many achievements here and this acknowledgement from our Kaiwhakahaere is good too.
I wish to publicly acknowledge the fact that Anake has dedicated some 25 years of his professional career to our tribal development. He began his journey with us in 1987 as we presented Te Kerēme (the claim) to the Waitangi Tribunal and then, as Claims Manager, was a key member of the team that drove and then delivered the Ngāi Tahu Settlement. Upon taking up the role of CEO, he has worked tirelessly to consolidate our tribal institutions to be ready for the next stage of our intergenerational journey. Thank you Anake.


Anonymous said...

"Anake came in at a difficult time for the iwi and has worked for just about 4 years to help bring the Office together." Yes Marty, and undermined by the very people who created the difficulties Potiki, Stone etc. Have you seen the press release? Thought you might have been a little more generous. But no. You preach kawa and tikanga but are selective when apply it; as in this case. Get over your own personal gripes. History will show that Anake has done more for NT in the last 20+ years than any other individual.
Youre just the same and as ungrateful as those at the tribal table who have caused all the problems.

Marty Mars said...

did you read the bit where I said, "I do believe he has made a positive difference for the iwi and I thank him for his mahi and wish him all the best."

Not sure how that is insulting to Anake or you. I haven't seen the press release. I doubt your claim that he "has done more for NT in the last 20+ years than any other individual" stacks up but feel free to enlighten me.

I'm also not sure what i'm supposed to be ungrateful for - want to tell me anon?

Anonymous said...

Just go to the NT web site -see front right. Read and think about what he has done not just as CEO.

Marty Mars said...

yes anon I just have and I reiterate my congratulations and thanks to him for the mahi he has done and others have done under his management. I like Anake and i am sure he will continue to do good work with the iwi in all sorts of ways.

Marty Mars said...

I have added the links to the media release and kaiwhakahaere statement.

Aroha mai for not putting them in initially anon.

Anonymous said...

Tena koe Marty

With respect to your call to replace Anake with a Ngai Tahu person I could not disagree with you more - that is unless they are Ngai Tahu by whakapapa but could, but for that one fact, be a non Ngai Tahu.

Why do I say that? The only Ngai Tahu who would want the job would want it for the wrong reasons - ie what they can get for themselves and their greedy mates.

A good Ngai Tahu person who was like Anake and truly wanted to work for the good of the iwi who knows our iwi well enough will be smart enough to know that those that want stuff for themselves and their mates would slowly but surely destroy them and suck the life out of them - so on that basis they won't apply for the job.

I guess there may be a third group within Ngai Tahu who are too stupid to see what would happen to them if they don't align themselves to the greedy ones - but we don't need them because this is no time to have a CEO that is less than the best we can get.

So for me it is a smart uncorruptable pakeha who can remain detached from tribal politics that we need.

Marty Mars said...

Tena koe anon,

Perhaps - but if the person has whanau and hapu and runanga around them then they can be protected from being chewed up by the role.

The office is in for a challenging year i believe - especially with the renewed drive of runanga to look after themselves. I agree with empowering runanga but we need to have the support for them - perhaps from runanga members who do not live close but whakapapa to there.

Anonymous said...

Kia ora Marty

your optimism and idealism are admirable qualities - as one who once worked for TR I know there is no amount of whanau / runanga support to protect a member of the iwi from the self serving and the greedy
our act and charter as designed by our kaumatua and our communities and an honest incorruptible CEO are all that stand between us and and full blown assault on using our assets and income for political patronage and the diversion of assets and income into the pockets of a few

i watch the TR papers - reps expenses are considered in committee - what are they hiding? i watch the papers re appointments - and more and more frequently it seems the only qualfied NT to fill these jobs are the Reps or their whanau

it is not the papatipu runanga seeking more control - it is greedy reps looking to control the money flow with no management or tribal oversight

what happens is folks with ethics and who question these things leave the organisation under assault from reps and the certain whanau who could not work out what a conflict of interest is even if it arrived with a label saying "this is a conflict of interest" and who have no idea of the governance management split

so call me a pessimist but i think i am a realist - until we call some of our so called leaders to account and grow up a bit as an iwi we should not use our own as cannon fodder

Marty Mars said...

Kia ora anon

I agree with much of what you say - I suppose we differ where we come to what to do about it. It may be that i am overly optimistic and we really need to protect our people from the role and the pressures. But if that is true it is indeed a sad indication of how far we have yet to go.