Thursday, February 3, 2011

step aside love

News that The White Stripes are no more is sad but inevitable. Jack White is amazing and Meg is too. As a team they surpassed anything that could be imagined.
It is for a myriad of reasons, but mostly to preserve What is beautiful and special about the band and have it stay that way

Some thoughts on the maori party and how they could learn from The White Stripes.

Sometimes it is just time to go seperate ways and to go with those sentiments is the way to go. The maori party should consider this duo's example - it preserves what is "beautiful and special" - hasn't the maori party said that they have achieved what the wanted this term and that couldn't have happened without them being there. They had the courage to set the party up and go forth into no-mans land and even though I disagree and have been horrifed at some of the things they have supported - I still respect them for what they have done. The hope and aroha the formed the maori party and made this historic advance is beautiful and special and should be preserved.

The leadership have led the way and now it is time to step aside and allow the next leaders to come through. Age is a factor and even more importantly it is time to have a break, to put your feet up a bit and spend time with your whanau and teaching our young. Yes things will change within the party and the direction will be different but that is okay. You did what you did and now it is time for others to do what they will do. You have done your bit in this sphere and your voices and knowledge would be much more valuable out with the people. You could be very powerful voices. The new leadership will invigorate the maori party and you will be able to watch with pride as your party matures and grows and becomes effective in helping our people and eveyone in this country. Think it through Pita and Tariana - another 3 years? With all the changes the gnats have forecast? - do you really want to go through that. I ask you to not destroy what you have built but preserve it for all of us, for our children and everyone in this country - be special and beautiful - let the new shoots come forth.

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