Sunday, February 13, 2011

painted on ears

How long will the leadeship of the maori party keep their heads in the sand regarding their bogus repeal of the Foreshore and Seabed Act? Well they have both come out in support of the process and the reporting back without amendment but they are up against it because the membership are not happy.

Te Paati Maori Ki Waitemata -
Yesterday the Maori Party members of Waitemata hosted a public hui where the Te Taitokerau MP, Hone Harawira, addressed the electorate. In response to the MP's address the hui stated: 1. We have total confidence in the elected Te Taitokerau MP, Hone Harawira. 2. Further, we request that our Te Taitokerau MP, Hone Harawira, be returned to caucus without further ado. 3. Finally, we are appalled at how the mana of our Rangatira has been treated in the isolation process, excluding him from important matters and issues that affect Te Iwi Maori katoa ie: Te Takutaimoana; Mining on our whenua; Privatisation; G.S.T increase; and other legislative bills before the house. The Te Taitokerau members in attendance will be attending the Maori Party Council hui to lodge their dissatisfaction at the lack of proper process taken without proper consultation and communication to the Te Taitokerau electorate.
Tamaki Makaurau say
Maori Party leaders are facing a vote of no confidence from an Auckland iwi over the Foreshore and Seabed replacement bill. Tamaki Makaurau elders likened the party's support for the new legislation, in the face of substantial objections, to trampling on the mana of their ancestors. Spokeswoman Ngaire Te Hira said the bill was not what people marched the length of New Zealand for back in 2004. Kaumatua and kuia of Tamaki Makaurau are preparing for a hikoi to oppose the bill.
Another hikoi - yes maybe that will get the message through but I am not optimistic about that because of these type of delusional statements from sharples and turia.

Pita Sharples says “We've been negotiating every way right up until last week and we actually won a little clause which lightened one of the tests and right up until last week also iwi were making submissions on it so it’s sort of been the Maori people's bill in a way.” Yes Pita that is the opposite of what the people are saying

Tariana Turia says about Hone (without irony) that, "He has no respect for our authority. He has no respect for this environment. He doesn’t have any respect for the coalition agreement that we all signed up to and that we all agreed to. And he has no respect for the party itself.” That seems similar to what people said about her when she left labour doesn't it?

The maori party have obstacles and they are Pita and Tariana. Tangata whenua are not happy and they will show it.

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