Tuesday, February 22, 2011

scratching in the gutter

The welfare working group has come back with their recomendations and they have been predictable in their nastiness and destructiveness to our society. Their mindset is twisted - they blame the beneficiaries - I find their whole argument nonsensical and venal and i don't engage with anyone going down that line - no point - they are beyond.

More than three quarters of all beneficiaries will be forced to seek work or face cuts to their payments - a single 'Jobseeker Support' benefit that would replace the dole, domestic purposes, sickness and other benefits and require all but the most seriously ill and disabled to look for work. Which would increase the proportion of beneficiaries presently subjected to work testing from 37 per cent to 77 per cent. That would more than double the numbers required to look for work from 133,200 of the 360,000 people presently on a benefit to 277,200.
Of course the obvious fact that there are few jobs is ignored because Rebstock dosen't care - it is all the fault of the beneficiaries, they need to get out there and she will provide the pointed stick to get them moving.
''There are currently few incentives and little active support for many people reliant on welfare to move into paid work. Long term benefit dependency can be avoided if investments are well targeted and timely. "Enabling people to move into paid work reduces poverty and improves outcomes for key at-risk groups, including young people, sole parents, disabled people and those who are sick.''
We knew this was coming and now we'll see how much more political capital brand-key will expend defending and implementing it.

Good post by Danyl at The Dim-post on another disgusting aspect of their recomendations


Ruahines said...

Kia ora Marty,
"enabling" "outcomes" "key at risk groups" - more technocrat bullshit buzz words aimed at getting people to point their fingers downward at the easy targets, instead of upwards where the real culprits look down upon the carnage they are creating. Shameful!

Marty Mars said...

Kia ora Robb - very true mate - this will create carnage and suffering for people and these scum say it is all the fault of the people themselves - they are so low and they make me very angry indeed.