Thursday, February 3, 2011

spits of reign

The latest Household Labour Force Survey figures show unemployment has risen. yes we know about the global recession and financial stack of cards but what has happened to the initiatives to generate meaningful employment options for people. Cycleway? job summits? This government blames the unemployed for being unemployed and they are going to let the 'market' sort it out and that will put many more people into that status - that is how their system works. It is based on inequality.

No Right Turn
The Household Labour Force Survey is out, and it shows that unemployment has spiked again to 6.8%. 158,000 people are now out of work - an increase of 53,000 since National took office. In addition, an extra 92,000 have given up and left the labour force, while we have an extra 31,000 long-term unemployed.
I latest breakdown of the figures show that
The figures showed the rate of unemployment for those aged 15-19 was more than 25 percent, that Maori unemployment was 15.5 percent and Pacific Islanders unemployment was 13.5 percent.

Have no illusions - things are going to get a lot worse with the gnats in for another 3 years. Lew at Kiwipolitico tells it like it is and it is very scary. Labour are toast. The Greens are struggling with cutthrough but at least provide some opposition. The maori party have different priorities. What to do?

Communities and people together is the only answer. We may or may not be able to stop or slow them down (we will try though) but we must strengthen our connections and bonds. Every storm passes and when it does, the destruction becomes apparent. The tears can flow and then we rebuild together, as communities.

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