Tuesday, February 8, 2011

now what said I then

I have been looking for the quote from goff saying that he wouldn't work with Hone and Kiwiblog has just put it up - along with the current goff statement which says he would not rule out working with anyone, including Hone. As DPF states - it has only been two weeks between the two, opposite statements.

Come on goff get it together.

How about this scenario

Hone expelled
Goff rolled
Jones elected leader
Hone joins labour
Maori vote for labour
labour govern again with greens

I know, I know,  ... look, I can't stand labour but things are going to get very difficult with another 3 years of the gnats.

Hat tip - Kiwiblog

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Anonymous said...

Labour is not stable in terms of its support for maori or opposition to free trade.

The lesson of the maori party is be community based and have a movement, don't be over reliant on the crown and parliament, it makes communities weak, and parties unaccountable.

Labour, Hone and the greens may be able to work together.

I think Hone and Nandor were most right: the greens and maori need to build deeper and stronger links. Build the moment, it is where real leadership is, not unaccountable power like that which fills corporate boardrooms, corporate PR firms and parliament.

Len Brown is open to making a ecocity in tamaki makarau, Iwi and urban maori should get behind that, and provide leadership. We need leadership and mana, Hone has both.

So lets make real gains and momentum, and not get to caught up in the intrigues of parliament.