Friday, February 11, 2011

we know better than you

The maori party are really disappointing at the moment. Many people are outraged about the truncated deliberation process and the early reporting back of the Bill replacing the Foreshore and Seabed Act but not Tariana Turia. Apparently she says, the decision to fasttrack this was "made last year". What? That seems very strange to me. Attorney General finlayson has made some big calls too, such as this one -
Members of the committee had also wanted to see legal advice about tests for customary title the Government received on the bill but Mr Finlayson said it was his choice to refuse to release that.
I bet you don't want that information coming out.
The most contentious part of it is the test for customary title -- continuous use and occupation since 1840 -- which Maori critics say is too hard to meet. Mrs Turia said her party had campaigned on repeal and for the right to go to court and it achieved those things, even if it remained unhappy with the tests. Mr Finlayson told reporters he did not intend to move on the test issue, which he considered honest and objective.
Finlayson laughs off the outrage saying there is no point in further deliberation because, "Well everyone's position was very well predetermined" why bother asking for submissions then - a big fake process leading to a predetermined decision. No one is fooled - it isn't even subtle. This is a foul brew concocted by these weaklings.

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