Monday, February 7, 2011

No - I suspend you!

Hone is now suspended from the Māori Party's parliamentary caucus. I am of the view that the Māori party have forgotten what leadership means - it is a right given BY THE PEOPLE. Leadership is not telling people they don't understand, or that they are wrong or just naive. That is not leadership - that is arrogance. The Māori party may feel able to go ahead with 50.01% of the people behind them but they will just smash what they have built. This is not the last chance for maori to have political representation - unless key is telling sharples and turia things that we don't know - the Māori party is the latest and not the last in continued fight for fairness and equality.

Kim at He Hōaka discusses the difficulties of The Māori party and I agree with her excellent analysis.


Anonymous said...

I support Hone in his bid to represent his people in the way he sees fit - but he needs to man up and leave the Maori Party of his own accord. Playing all this out over weeks and months with the press and the racist pakeha community feasting on the scraps of this is unhealthy for all Maori.

The point of joining a party is to have strength in numbers and so on. I accept that for many the Maori Party seems to have lost its way, but no other MP from that party supports Hone and he clearly can't support them so he should move on and allow them to do the same. The voters of Te Tai Tokerau will have the chance to lodge their votes in about 10 months time - no good will come of the public wrangling for anyone involved - Hone needs to focus on the bad settlor government and the Maori Party on working out whether they are on track or not

Marty Mars said...

Kia ora anon,

Yes you are right - the time for passive behaviour is over and Hone should take the offensive. his time in this maori party is over - get out there Hone and build your mana - they will come with tears to ask you to return later - or if not they will be gone election time.

There is injustice and inequity all around - get busy Hone and lead.