Sunday, February 13, 2011

the point is sharp

Titewhai Harawira has the right to say what she likes and her words will be weighed with everyone elses words. Yes she is Hone's mother but as she says, "I have the right as a kuia of Nga Puhi... I am an executive member of the New Zealand Maori Council. I have been there for the last 40 years." The anger is growing and strong words often flame anger - I cannot say whether it is a good or bad thing to call Pita Sharples a "gutless dog" and also accuse Tariana Turia of using the party to make herself "look good". But Titewhai has the right to say it and I agree with much of what she says as anyone reading this blog knows. The time for worrying about hurt feelings is past - there is too much at stake - we need to be brutally honest now because we are not fighting to the death - we are fighting for life - the life and mauri of the maori party.

Footnote - Titewhai has said sorry to Pita Sharples for her insult to him. He has accepted it. Good mana from Pita and I am pleased the apology has been given.
I have just watched this interview with Hone - It shows the man, his mana, and his heart - he is a leader.

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Charlotte said...

Titewhai is a sharp tongued wahine, that's her strength. Having said that I think Pita Sharples is a good man.