Thursday, February 10, 2011

strings animate puppets

Well we knew the repeal of the Foreshore and Seabed Act was a farce and now they prove it. Morgan at Maui St hangs rightful blame and shame on Te Ururoa Flavell for allowing this to be presented back without amendment. Why has this come back early? The puppetmasters has decided - that's why - and the puppets dance a merry jig.

After receiving nearly 6000 submissions on the Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Bill, most of them opposing it, the Maori affairs select committee yesterday decided on a majority vote to send the bill back to Parliament with no changes and a recommendation that it be passed into law without amendment. The committee had until February 25 to report the bill back and surprised Parliament yesterday when it suddenly announced its decision. Labour, Act and the Greens, who all oppose the bill, criticised the move, saying the Government was trying to rush through the legislation.
Attorney General finlayson says
"One has to get beyond the political rhetoric and focus pretty coldly and toughly on the principles involved in this legislation and we'll have a debate."
Wants to be kingchris i think and have Iwi bow to him and his behind the scenes deals.

Prime Minister Key says
As for submissions being ignored, he said there was always a majority view among submitters. "Often it is coming from one group that is more engaged and interested. We don't look at the numerical basis, we look at the arguments," he said.
That is about the level of key - don't worry about the 80% opposed - "let's work as a team and do it my way".

Moon has popped up
Maori history expert (sic) Professor Paul Moon from AUT believes the latest stoush around the bill is nothing more than politicking. He thinks those opposing the bill are just doing what politicians do. "All the parties are now vying for attention at the beginning of Parliament in election year," he told Newstalk ZB. "They're trying to do whatever they can, look for any excuse I think to gain some traction." Paul Moon says what is more important is how the bill will actually operate once it's passed into law.
Yeah that's it... we know that paul but it doesn't dimish from the shoddy process and disregard of the majority of submitters submissions opposed to this.

What about the maori party - what do they have to say? can't find anything. I don't wonder too long about what lines they will say - gnat lines 100%. The people can go to hell.

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Morgan Godfery said...

What the hell are they asking Paul Moon for? He's a historian, and a shoddy one at that, not a political commentator. I too have been waiting for some sort of explanation from the Maori Party but as you say nothing is forthcoming. I guess if they are not willing to provide some sort of justification we will just judge them on their actions.