Wednesday, March 10, 2010

indigenous artifacts and grave-robbing

Trafficing stolen Native American artifacts - yes it does happen. This case is going ahead even though the lead witness has committed suicide.

From via associated press 
"Prosecutors vowed Monday to move forward against 21 defendants, in spite of the stunning suicide of the chief witness against them. The cases stem from a two-year investigation into trafficking of stolen Native American artifacts.
Last week's suicide by FBI informant Ted Gardiner, the third connected with the case, raises question marks over upcoming trials. Gardiner killed himself March 1 complicating an already complex case. Some say Gardiner was haunted by the suicides of two suspects he fingered. Others say upcoming trials for 21 defendants overwhelmed him with pressure."
Now i am not a fan of FBI informants but i am even less of a fan of those who traffic stolen Native American artifacts. i hope the prosecution is successful.

And what has this to do with here? We not only have artifacts all over the place but we have even worse.

We have grave robbers in this country who descerate the ancient graves of maori.

Maps has exposed a particular individual Noel Hilliam who has posted photos of his disgusting activities and  yes he is part of the-pale-people-were-here-before-maori-and-taught-them-everything-they-know brigade.

As Maps notes
"In the aftermath of the controversy at Dargaville museum, the New Zealand Historic Places Trust decided to open an investigation into Hilliam's activities at Maori burial sites.
The dargaville saga is here and here for those that wish to have a read.

These destructive beliefs lead to shocking actions such as hilliam's - we must fight this at every step.

UPDATE there is something very wrong in dargaville. It was claimed that Noel Hilliam was awarded the Kiwibank Senior New Zealander of the year award. Kiwibank and the award organisers have said that is not true. The dargaville online is now saying that kiwibank and the award organisers are wrong and he did win - go here for the latest.

Hat tip The Buffalo Post and Reading the Maps

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Edward said...

Glad you got onto this too Mars. Seems it's over for now as i've been told the Newsletter will retract the article etc after being contacted by Kiwibank.
Problem is for how long. Parts of the Dargaville community have been supporting this stuff for years. It's probably only a matter of time before something else crops up.
There are good people up there but this Hilliam character seems to pull the wool over their eyes.