Tuesday, March 23, 2010

talking about stuff we don't want to talk about

Depression is dificult to discuss, to describe and can also be difficult to recognise.

Jane Yee has written a very good piece on depression here

Have you felt like this? Or do you know someone who has.

"Quite simply, I couldn't find joy in anything, nor could I remember what it was like to look forward to anything. Every morning I woke up dreading what the day would bring. I would stand in the shower for extended periods of time, desperately trying to convince myself to face the day. Each step into the outside world was a giant hurdle and I totally withdrew from social activities. Eventually I started going to sleep hoping that somehow I wouldn't wake up in the morning.
It got so bad that I couldn't be trusted to be on my own in case I hurt myself, and I ended up moving back in with my parents where I didn't get off the couch for weeks.
That is a pretty good description and if you think you or your friend might be depressed go here for help. Don't delay do it today.

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