Thursday, March 25, 2010

one year old

opps - happy birthday mars2earth.

On 22 march it was a year since i started blogging.

That first post called 'For us and our children after us' is still interesting IMO.

Thank you to all commenters and people who have sent me emails.

Onward and upward...


Anonymous said...

Congrats on making it to 1 year and keep going!

maps said...

Kia kaha Marty! Happy birthday. I have learned a lot from your blog.

On a different subject: since we're inclined to criticism him for his mistakes, it's only fair to note that Chris Trotter has done a valuable service in bringing the destruction of the kohatu of Marokopa to a wider public with this article in the Dominion-Post:

Marty Mars said...

Thanks anon and maps

much appreciated