Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rugby World Cup - negative for maori aspirations?

Does the lust for money from the Rugby World Cup create a negative effect for maori aspirations?

IMO - yes it does
From scoop
"With 50,000 visitors expected in Wellington for the Rugby World Cup, the Te Wharewaka O Poneke Trust might have been expected to welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the rich heritage of waka culture. Instead, its new wharewaka will be used to demonstrate the Kiwi culture of rugby and beer.
The city council is enthusiastic about such commercial activity. Its vision for the wharewaka is as a place for event sponsor promotions and giveaways, areas for rugby merchandising, capacity for Rugby World Cup theming and branding … meet-the-player sessions and autograph sessions, media promotions, recruitment and training of staff, and fund-raising. Almost as an after-thought, this week’s report to the council mentions that the wharewaka will also be used for a cultural experience including powhiris and Kapa Haka, cultural performances and entertainers … If there’s any space left for them in between the rugby-focused events and the souvenir stalls.
Sir Ngatata Love said three years ago: “The purpose of the development (of the wharewaka) is to bring waka culture to life around Wellington’s harbour and beyond … for events that celebrate waka and their use, together with local Maori history.”
The Rugby World Cup could be a disaster for maori aspirations, because when the fiasco moves on we will still be here trying to sort out the mess. And no amount of powhiri or haka and other maori-wash, that will be applyed during the cup, will make any difference to the lives of maori. So while everyone is holding hands pretending to be one people for the cameras - the real stuggles will still be going on and will resurface after the circus is gone.


Anonymous said...

Hi I'm doing a school project on the rugby world cup and I would like to ask you if you wouldn't mind, could I incorporate some of your views into it? :) Thanks

Marty Mars said...

No problems anon - good luck with it.