Tuesday, March 16, 2010

mining numbers crunched and found wanting

Gordon Campbell has written a very good post about the economics of mining in our National Parks.

Who is giving the figures to the government for their justification of the mining?
Is this person independant or interrelated to the mining interests?
How do they come by the figures bandied about?

You know what the answers are - I recommend a good read of the post and then we need to get everyone up to speed on the lies and disinformation liberally spread by these buffoons.

An excerpt to end
"... probably signals that National’s recent focus group results have told the government just how politically unpalatable its plans to open Schedule Four lands for mining would be. The government is plainly running scared off from being seen as a writing a blank cheque for the wholesale plundering of our national parks. Problem is, licensing a little bit of pillage and plundering isn’t much better. “OFF LIMITS” is the only sellable political slogan."
made up economic figures + compromised self interest = key and brownlee happy - but not for long, their cards have been marked.

And idiot/savant also asks the question, "How much is it all worth?"

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