Tuesday, March 2, 2010

act act act and art

My call on the ACT party is that the party is just about over. I think the party will not make it in the next election. Low polls, the rodney mistakes have been critical, and the looney side of the party are just digging bigger holes.
For instance muriel neuman's speech about 'one law for all' - Good post on the Standard. And from Russell Brown

Now muriel is one of these people that believe little pale-people were here before maori and taught them everything they know - you know the stuff - maori were dropped off here as slaves, pregnant to their chinese overlords and so on. Utter shit of course but there are a few 'believers' here. So what are the pearls of wisdom from muriel? From her speech
"There is enormous support in New Zealand for an end to racial division. That was evident in the overwhelmingly supportive response Don Brash received to his Nationhood speech in 2004. And as we know, in essence, that speech promoted the race relations policies of ACT.

Opposing Maori privilege will require real courage. There are big issues and big challenges ahead: the proposed foreshore and seabed legislation; the United Nations Rights of Indigenous People (which even Labour would not support); the Maori seats in Parliament; Maori seats on councils; Treaty principles being inserted into legislation; the whole Whanau Ora programme, which appears to be underpinned by racist policies. Any proposal based on race should be vigorously opposed."
ACT have every right to be frightened - the signs are written - slippery slope time. And they look at the maori party and think WTF. But the aspect they don't consider is that the maori party is determined to look after maori and they don't care what non-maori think. ACT do not have the same freedom. Of course they say they don't care and with loopies like newman and her theories for getting votes, you could almost believe they don't care - but they do really care - otherwise they wouldn't be in parliment - they would be out there making the big money.

Cactus Kate has a couple of very good posts from inside ACT. Well worth a read.

Maps has an amazing post about an 'art raid' to multi-millionaire Alan Gibbs 'neverland' property. At times hilarious and sad, the post describes the large art works privately owned and asks some great questions about the role of art in political discourse and the intentions of art buyers and the political uses they encumber some art with.

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