Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ngāi Tahu election update

Ngāi Tahu election update.

Mid march

nothing to report.


Anonymous said...

Yes I await with anticipation, my notification by letter, email, donkey, pigeon of what is going on.

Not one bit of communication advising whanau as to why we are still waiting to vote.

Opps forgot. In the Ngai Tahu magazine there was a pissy bit stating that there was to be a meeting with election discussions.

Bloody shame the magazine always arrives one to two weeks after the meeting occurred.

Maybe we should do abit of training and show them how to email, so members can be notified.

Anonymous said...

Try even if the chart is a bit behind, the runanga information is correct!

Anonymous said...

That says it all anon 1.55pm.

They can't even update a chart.

I can understand that being such a difficult job.

Like BB said. Why are we waiting.
Its not that hard.