Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Haast/Hollyford road rejected

This is great news - the idea to build the Haast/Hollyford road for 315M through some our most pristine wilderness areas has been rejected.

From the ODT
"The Ministry of Economic Development has advised its minister, Gerry Brownlee, the road might only tweak New Zealand's existing tourism product, would not give the tourism industry a new point of difference, would not constitute a nationally significant tourism development and might be in conflict with the 100% Pure New Zealand brand."
"The name of the report writer has been withheld under the Official Information Act."
The report was written in January.
Mr Brownlee provided it to the Otago Daily Times last week.
He said he had not known it had been completed and was in his office at the time he made supportive comments about the proposal to this newspaper in January."
What the... he didn't know that the report slamming the idea was completed before he made his supportive comments? That's incompetance isn't it?
"Last week, he said he still personally supported the initiative but "there was no particular appetite for advancing it".
He did not have plans to take the matter forward."
YET - just wait until the mining is setting up - they will need some roads then won't they gerry - you don't fool us, not even slightly.

Go here to read about this area from a Ngai Tahu perspective.

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