Monday, March 22, 2010

van dyk dump stumps

I was not one of the ones who fell at the feet of van dyk because she choose to leave where where was born and move here and play netball for this country. Yes she is a good player - ummm that's about it.

News that the van dyk's have made some mistakes on their property and dumped tree stumps in the streams is upsetting.

From Stuff
"Van Dyk and husband Antonie Christoffel (Christie) van Dyk have been served with a series of abatement notices, fined $750 for breaching an abatement, and have been ordered to do remedial work.
The notices came after they were reported for clearing more than 2.5 hectares of gorse from their SH2 property in Kaitoke on November 4. Bulldozers were seen being used for the clearing.
Fair enough to get rid of gorse but do it in a way that is sustainable FFS and don't dump your stumps
"Among the issues being investigated was the level of damage to two waterways, which had been filled in by the earthworks, Mr Cross said. Tree stumps were also dumped in the streams, he said.
The van Dyks had been ordered to come up with a plan to restore the streams, and to create sediment and erosion control for the hillside.
Forest & Bird lower North Island field officer Aalbert Rebergen said he had noticed the work being done a few months ago and was amazed someone would clear such a steep hill.
Messy business that should not happen. You guys have been accepted by many parts of this country - don't abuse the kindness you have found here by damaging our land and streams.

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