Sunday, July 4, 2010

big C and the big L

Change – Sometimes change is incremental, almost unseen and that type of change is very effective over time because it is so slight in our sight, we hardly even notice it or its effects. For instance the continents move at the same rate our fingernails grow. Not very fast yet, over time – well big things can happen. I imagine this is the strategy of the maori party. Dig in, take each extra fingernail width advantage and build on that, take each concession and lock it in. It works but it just takes a long time.

Another type of change is much quicker, a cascading type of change where each piece seems to slip into place, very quickly, almost without effort. And before you know it you look around and the world has changed and changed big-time. I’ve just undergone the second type of change. And I went into it willingly, with choice. I’ve moved to the country, I’ve enrolled in full-time study and I’ve done a few other things too. Why? Love is the answer. And isn’t it often love that is the catalyst for big massive life altering changes that we sometimes experience? My son means everything to me and I love him. The maori party didn’t form because of hate for labour or it’s disgusting legislation, it formed because of love. LOVE! Love for maori. This is the wellspring that the maori party should always connect to, and cascading change will occur.

I’m not too sure how my personal changes will affect mars2earth. The house I’m house-sitting only has dial-up but I’ve been pleasantly surprised – it’s not actually as bad as I remember. It may still take a few weeks to get into the flow and find the new rhythm, what with the study and all but luckily the area of study I am undertaking is also in alignment with the kaupapa of mars2earth so everything should strengthen. I’d imagine the number of posts I do will diminish and I may write in a bit more depth on issues that interest me.

I’m excited and enthusiastic about the next phase.

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feddabonn said...

kia ora marty,

that's an interesting perspective- changing out of love for something, not out of reaction to something. shifts the tone altogether.

you sound happy and at peace in this new place- i am glad for you.