Friday, July 16, 2010

helping john key

Renowned soothsayer john key today delivered his much anticipated evidence to show that this country is on the verge of major refugee/boat people chaos - from Stuff
"At least six boatloads of asylum seekers have considered heading for New Zealand in the past year, and those who don't believe a ship could one day reach these shores are "deluding themselves", Prime Minister John Key says."
Let's break it down
"At least six..."
A weak start and six is such a funny number - would have been better to go for double figures - it would make better headlines and is just as unreliable. The use of 'at least' is good because it implies many, many more without providing any evidence at all.
"asylum seekers"
Not a good term because it could generate compassion - better to call them 'trafficed people' or 'queue jumpers' to get the blood and fear flowing.
"... have considered..."
Again not good - just use 'have' - they have decided to float here but before they set off they changed their mind.
"... in the past year"
Bloody hell - is that right? Using one year heightens the fear but to really generate heat you need more years. Just think if at least six boatloads have considered in one year then over 10 years 60 boatloads have just about decided to make the harrowing journey. And again 60 is a funny number so let's go for 100 - everyone likes 100.

So here is what he should have said

"Over the last 10 years over 100 boatloads of queue jumping trafficed people have made plans to head here. Anyone who isn't concerned about this just doesn't understand middle NZ."

And that statement is as meaningless and vacuous as keys first quote, which sums him up IMO.

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daharja said...

What pithy words of wisdom from our Esteemed Leader!