Friday, July 23, 2010

brownlee exposed

Gordon Campbell gives gerry brownlee the full frontal here. It is so enjoyable to read a strong, accurate writer who isn't afraid to tell it like it is.

From Scoop
"... Because there too, the same pattern is evident in Brownlee’s modus operandi. First, an over-statement of the possible returns, second a reassurance that all this is merely exploratory so no need for concern, and third, an inability to clarify the net gains to this country. Moreover, Brownlee has shown a readiness to barge ahead with the oil exploration business plan and sign contracts with foreign bidders before the consultation, ownership and compensation claims with respect to local Maori are fully sorted out – which is still the situation with respect to both the exploration of the Raukumara drilling off East Cape, and the Reinga block up north."
"Those are crises in waiting. For the opposition, Brownlee is the gift that just keeps on giving."
I have to say that I am sick of his giving - I'd rather have no more giving from brownlee - that would suit me. On the other hand he is so useless that it is quite good to have him there.

Haven't the maori party been very quiet on this issue?

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Country Lane said...

The Maori party have been very quiet on almost every issue. When they have spoken against Government policy their opposition seems usually to have consisted of a brief statement.
They've sold their soul. A brown Tory party