Wednesday, July 21, 2010

kingkey turns no into yes

Maybe I missed something but what the hell is john key talking about?

From Stuff
"Prime Minister John Key said the Government had stuck to its promise to listen to public feedback.
"New Zealanders have spoken reasonably strongly that they actually do support the expansion of our mining and exploration activities, but they don't support them on pristine parts of the national parks ... "
This is just made-up. There is no evidence that the public "have spoken reasonably strongly that they actually do support the expansion..." Where is the survey or is this more of the gnats polling. Made up rubbish.
"... both he and Mr Brownlee made it clear that they now considered the Government had a green light to allow mining on any areas outside schedule 4. "As the discussion has progressed, it's identified very clearly where the industry can go and where it can't go in the future," Mr Brownlee said.
The Government would fund a significant aeromagnetic survey of non-schedule 4 land in the West Coast and in Northland to identify mineral deposits, with an "expectation" of increased mining."
What low-lifes these guys are. They get told No and they turn it into a YES. They are just going to pretend, to just ignore and keep treating people like dogshit on their shoes. But one thing to consider teamkey and that is that we are onto your game. When we said NO we meant NO.


daharja said...

I guess calling them scum sucking bottom dwellers is just calling names, isn't it?


No means no. 'Nuff said.

Marty Mars said...

I started off calling them that but then I felt sorry for the scum sucking bottom dwellers :)