Monday, July 12, 2010

fly a kite

The term 'flying a kite' has a few meanings, in ideas you 'fly a kite' when you put an idea out there to see the reaction, or if anyone takes up the idea. We need to fly more kites not just metaphoric ones but real ones too. Why? Ideas from left field can bring up solutions that are innovative. Too often we dismiss new ideas without actually considering them very much. It is part of our 'speed' culture. The other reason to fly real kites is to celebrate matariki and the connection between us all.

From NZH
"Sea creatures will be dancing high above the waters of the Waitemata Harbour today, playing their part in Matariki Festival celebrations."
Festival producer Mikki-Tae Tapara says that during Matariki, kites are significant as they are seen as connectors between the heavens and Earth. The event also includes traditional manu aute/kite making at Orakei Marae, storytelling and lessons in poi and haka.
"We are targeting non-Maori. It's an event where we want people to feel free to walk up to the marae and be a part of things and not feel shy."
Good effort - matariki is for everyone and kite flying is for everyone and the marae is for everyone. I hope you go out and fly some kites.

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