Sunday, July 18, 2010

Open forum

I'm going to keep trying new things to see how they go. One thing I've been thinking would be good is a roundup of indigenous news from around the world, with links. What do you think? I've also been considering an open forum where issues can be raised by readers of mars2earth. So let's go with that one. You know the areas that we cover - what's on your mind? Do you believe BP? Any thoughts on the maori party or politics? Is there a question you want to ask? Got an environmental or conservation issue that is getting up your nose? I'd particuarily like to hear about positive news. The truth is there are many great things happening out there. Things that are bringing us together and healing our wounds.

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Robert Guyton said...

Good news stories from Aotearoa Marty? Of course.
How about this interesting article on nga titi from the Southland Times. I don't know if you know about the relocation of birds from the heights of the inland Kaikoura to the coast where 'nests' have been constructed in the hope that a new colony will become established, but this story, involving Rakiura Maori, nga titi and Cape Kidnappers is kinda similar. The moutere involved, Putauhinu, is the one I spent time on a few years back (Tena koe Jane). An island like no other. A taua like no other.