Tuesday, July 13, 2010

prison growth is a disgrace not a profit opportunity

This announcement is a shocker. Consider that 50% of male prisoners in our jails are maori and 60% of female prisoners are maori - so when corrections minister judith collins says, from NZH
"A new prison to be built in South Auckland will bring $1.2 billion in economic benefits over 30 years."
what is she actually trying to get at?
"Ms Collins said she would like nothing more than to see lower crime levels and fewer prisoners."
I don't believe ms collins, because she then says
"But in the meantime we have a record number of prisoners behind bars in this country and that number is forecast to keep growing."
Yes a growth industry - with lots of profit potential - don't worry about the worry of prisons being a growth industry and the disturbing influence that will have on maori communities and therefore all communities in this country. Disgrace is a very modest word to use when our people are being thrown on the garbage heap by a government that makes the right noises but doesn't care even slightly about maori. Well here's some news for you collins - your plan is broken, you have underestimated maori, as your type is wont to do. Maori cannot and will not leave their people to rot in jail, could you cut your arm off and leave it on the ground? The maori in jail are our people.

Good story on some solutions here.

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Ruahines said...

Kia ora Marty,
This is a shameful government. Our beautiful wilderness and oceans are looked upon as valuable only for what it represents if we destroy them "sustainably". And now instead of questioning why these prison stats are what they are, they instead see dollar signs. Shameful.