Wednesday, July 28, 2010

dino-duo dusting off

News that peters and laws may team up again to resurrect the NZFirst beast isn't a worry but it is disturbing. Do we really want to have more of peters and laws style of politics - where they pick on maori and minorities. If you agree with the line that we get the politicians we deserve then we are in real trouble if these two get anywhere near the reins of power.

From Stuff
"Speculation is rife that NZ First leader Winston Peters and his former adviser Michael Laws are to team up again as part of a "relaunch" of the party this year."
It seems time for some new parties to come forth - how about a proper 'left' party or a maori left party to contest the national/maori party seats.


Country Lane said...

The worst thing about a psooible Lors/Peters team up is the endless, racist invective that will eminate from their supporters.
The best thing is the laughs we are going to have at their expense.

Anonymous said...

I would like a proper socialist party!!