Wednesday, July 7, 2010

you don't deserve it

I saw a very interesting comment here which connected a couple of dots. The reduction of rights for prisoners, 50% of the males are maori and 60% of the females, by the ban on smoking and the bill to not allow prisoners inside for 3 years or more to vote, seem to be strangely linked. Once the prisoners work out who has taken the smokes away, namely national and the maori party - well they won't want to vote for them will they? And if they aren't going to vote the way the powers that be want them to, well, we may as well take away their right to vote then at least our opponents won't get their votes. Too devious to be likely? Hard to say but it certainly seems that their is little political support for our people imprisoned.

Hat tip Te Karere Ipurangi

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robertguyton said...

Where there's smoke ...