Sunday, July 25, 2010

bombing collins

Bomber at Tumeke blog provides a great little service - he reviews 'The Nation' and 'Q&A'. His analysis is often very funny and sometimes he uncovers deep insights. Previously I have gone to the source and watched the video plus read the transcript but alas I have tried to find this transcript but so far (might be too quick) I have been unable to. You may have broadband and can watch it for yourself. Police, Corrections and Veterans' Affairs minister judith collins offers her insight on why our imprisonment rates are so high and there is one group to blame - maori. Maori have made the stats look bad!

From Tumeke
"Prison population rising, she argues that Corrections isn't influencing the crime rate, so it isn't Corrections fault. Guyon makes the point however that we lock people up more than almost anyone else, Crusher the astoundingly says the reason why we have such a high lock up rate is because of MAORI???????????? WTF IS SHE SAYING? She says the Maori population is the reason why we have such a high incarceration level when compared to the rest of the world?????? She is claiming it's not the raw law and order meat policy she is implementing that is locking more and more NZers up, she is saying our high incarceration levels are because of Maori???

TVNZ video

When you get up off the floor from laughing or crying just have a real think about the attitudes and worldview that pour forth from this minister. It is astounding to consider the low grade thinking going on, from a minister making decisions that affect us all, that is coloured by racism. It would be good for collins to consider why maori are in the position they are in. Perhaps she could have a look here. And for some reason it reminded me of rick ellis and this.

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