Thursday, July 29, 2010

the measurement will be unpleasant

There is a saying that if you lie down with dogs you will get up with fleas.

From Waatea news
"Maori Party leader Tariana Turia is expecting tough talk from the UN's top official on indigenous issues about Maori poverty and access to justice.
UN Special rapporteur James Anaya spent last week in the country talking to Maori groups and Crown ministers and officials.
Mrs Turia says while Professor Anaya was measured in his comments before he left, she is confident he won't shy away from highlighting the areas that need action.
“I know he has been stunned about the high Maori incarceration rate, poor health stats, poor educational achievement. One has to take responsibility for it. Those of us who are part of government, we are the ones that have to stand up and be counted on these issues,” Mrs Turia says." (my emphasis)
Yes the measurement is beginning and it will be unpleasant. You cannot support right-wing policies that directly negatively affect maori, that reduce maori aspirations, that tread on maori mana and then believe that you are supporting maori rights and tino rangatiratanga. They are mutually exclusive.

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