Tuesday, June 29, 2010


caught my eye.

The panda diplomacy is offensive to me. I just don't think animals should be treated that way. It is not right that kiwi can be sent to another country for no other reason than to show off. And the pandas should not come here. Animals are not some play things - they are living entities that deserve respect and it is not respectful to export them to alien countries.

I wonder how the maori party mp's can sit at the same table as john key when all he shows it disrespect to maori. He, IMO, mocks tangata whenua who rightly say they should have been consulted about this multuinational oil company and it's exploration plans. I cannot get my head around it to tell you the truth. But then again there are some evil smokers out there who need to be strung up and the maori party are staunch on that one alright.

I went to the smokefree rock quest gig in Nelson last saturday night to watch the son of a friend play. It was fantasitic. It seems competitive but i don't think it is, there is much more an element of being able to play in front of people. The kids were awesome and the bands blew me away. Great initiative and great talent.

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robertguyton said...

Marty - I heard Key's comments regarding the fires on the beaches and his intentions to go ahead without regard to the concerns of iwi and was frankly disgusted and amazed at the brazen insult his words carried. I thought there would be outrage from iwi but have heard none yet. In my view, his words were far more inflamatory than those he directed at Ngati Tuhoe. What gives with the Maori Party that they can stand by with their hands over their mouths, ears and eyes while this happens? It's like a return to the past.