Wednesday, June 9, 2010

rockfall misses rockart

The power of water. After the big rain came the rockfall and luckily the rockfall did not destroy our maori rock art.

From ODT
"Rare examples of Maori art have survived the dramatic collapse of a rock outcrop at the Takiroa rock art site, near Duntroon in North Otago.
It was a major landscape feature and an "amazing" site in terms of the rock art and the historical context it provided.
Many different styles and techniques had been used at the site and the wealth of red figures made it quite unusual.
The site was the first recorded instance of Maori rock art, noted in 1852 by the surveyor Walter Mantell.
The first photograph of rock art was taken there in 1896.
Some rock art pieces were removed from the site in 1916."
"When contacted yesterday, Ngai Tahu Maori Rock Art Trust curator Amanda Symon said someone had to be located to do the assessment and funding obtained as it would be "not a cheap task".
It was hoped to have that done within two or three weeks."
Money money money if we must have money let's use it for this type of mahi.

Is our rock art treated like the taonga and treasure that it is?

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