Monday, June 28, 2010

Fire Alert

Fires on the beach - fire in our heart

From NZH
"East Coast Maori will light fires to symbolise their historic occupation along the coastline tomorrow in a protest against potential oil drilling by Brazilian giant Petrobras."

Go home Petrobras - there will be no massive exploitation and profit from these fair islands


Ruahines said...

Kia ora Marty,
I just heard John Key talking these guys up like he is their own personal PR man. Using all the buzz phrases like they are not "fly by nighters", have an "excellent environmental record", and close ties to the government. Hmmmmm... sounds just like he would have described BP a while back.
In the face of what has happened in the Gulf and the processes and systems which are unraveling each day as unsafe and dangerous in deep sea drilling, the arrogance of this government is appalling.

robertguyton said...

This disgusts me quite frankly. Not the plans to drill especially, that's another issue, but the shitting on tangata whenua that Key is responsible for. Where's the outrage?
Bet it's there in the rohe but where's the news, the aka karere??